I grew up in a house full of musicians, so at a very early age I had a keen musical ear. I started playing guitar at the age of 13, and by the time I turned 16 I decided I would dedicate my life to music. Practicing 8 hours every day, doing exercises, using a metronome, transcribing countless songs by Pink Floyd, Dream Theater, Megadeth and many more, I managed to develop my technique to an advanced level.
However, I felt the need to study at a music school, and I enrolled at Conservatori del Liceu where I graduated as a professional musician in the Modern Music and Jazz department. I have been a member of several musical projects, all of them with different musical styles.
My biggest influences have been Dream Theater, Opeth, Megadeth, Metallica, Protest the Hero… I have always opted to learn new styles, to mix them around and create new variations. I have participated in several tours, including the 6-month tour around Europe, Russia, China, Japan and Argentina, with my Progressive Tango band “Tangel Trio”.
I am also one of the founders of “MollitiaM”, a Progressive Metal project that was born during 2019 with its first EP coming out, and I joined “Born in Exile” at the beginning of 2020, recording and releasing their second album “Transcendence”.

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