I am Kris Vega, I’m 30 years old and most of my life I’ve been surrounded by something I love with all my heart: Music. I grew up in the golden years of “NuMetal”, which helped me to detect all my registers, to play with different techniques of singing and to find my way as a vocalist. Throughout all those years I thoroughly studied how harsh vocals, textured voice and Hyper-compression techniques work, in order to reach different types of sound. I call myself a Vocal Trainer because I understand the process of learning similarly to elite sports, with all the sacrifice that it carries. I am currently a formed Vocal Coach by Rodrigo Llamazares atVocal Studio (Specialist in Vocal coaching for teachers).
At the age of 14 I started to study electric Bass and two years later I recorded my very first album as a bass player and guturalist. After a long time working as a singer at countless shows with different bands, I joined my current Progressive Metal band BORN IN EXILE, with which I have recorded two albums. My influences are very wide, from bands like Tool, Arch Enemy, Opeth, Leprous, Slipknot, Jinjer to vocalists like Freddie Mercury or Mónica Naranjo.
Nowadays I combine my job as a Vocal Trainer with differents shows: I have performed almost 500 shows singing as a Lirical Soprano, Blues, Soul, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Visual Kei & Jrock, Progressive Metal and experimental singer I am also the singer of Princess Of The Universe, a Queen tribute band.

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