From my childhood I developed a great interest on music. I spent hours reading old books that fell in my hands about the greatest names of classical music and listening to their vinyl records. A few years later I discovered Steve Vai at the same time as Metallica and that changed everything, my curiosity about the guitar aroused. I got a borrowed guitar until I got my first electric guitar and I practiced for hours, days, weeks and the years passed by. Through classes, readings, listenings, meeting experienced musicians, and researching all about my biggest influences, I refined my hearing and technique while exploring and feeling comfortable on the darkest and most extreme levels of metal music. I fully developed myself as a guitarist when go to have a deep knowledge of my instrument and equipment, having stepped on stage with my bands, and when I was already able to write my own music.
I consider myself a very open-minded musician with a wide variety of tastes, and my main influences range go from the most melodic to the most extreme: Steve Vai, Jeff Loomis, Guthrie Govan, Death, Aborted, Beneath the Massacre, Decapitated, Marduk, Behemoth …
Through the years I have known how the music business works, and I’ve participated in tours, concerts, national and international festivals with my bands Atrexial and Human Carnage, having the opportunity of sharing stage with bands I’ve always admired.

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