I started my first piano lessons at 4 years old and 6 years later I began formal classical piano studies in Venezuela until graduating from the conservatory. Then I began to study popular genres and to join orchestras and ensembles that went touring throughout Europe and Latin America. Later on, I created a project called Fluxus Trio that participated and obtained the Special Prize in a musical competition in Romania. This project was a group with jazz and metal influences from artists and bands like Hiromi Uehara, Dream Theater, Symphony X, among others that inspired my compositions. I enjoy very much heavy metal, progressive rock, power metal and neo-classical metal, this last genre gets its inspiration in the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, a composer I studied in depth in my years of classical piano. In the last years, I worked as a cruiseship musician in different musical formats (soloist and accompanist), which allowed me to fully develop ear training, first sight reading, and the ability to handle and memorize extensive musical repertoires.

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