Learn at your own pace and enjoy music

Targeted to anyone interested in music —from 6 years of age onwards—, with or without any background in music, who is willing to play an instrument, attending classes on musical theory, voice or combo and instrumental ensemble, from beginner to advanced level. Our classes are also designed for experienced musicians who wish to continue learning, improving their technique or learning new ones.

We apply an entertaining and easy-going method, while staying rigorous and efficient, based on professional-level content but without the obligation of examinations.

Our main objective is that our students enjoy and learn through practice, increasing their musical skills and helping them develop their creativity and critic spirit through music.

We specialize in tuition for the following instruments: electric guitar, electric bass, drums, keyboard, violin and voice.

All instrument classes are individual and customized so that the student can learn at his/her own pace, which is why our teachers adapt to the level, capacity and necessity of each student, and in case it is required, to the Metal subgenre or subgenres that identify them the most.

Instrumental classes have a duration of 45′, 60′ or 90′ and can be combined with collective classes (musical language, combo or instrumental ensemble) or also with individual classes of a second instrument.

In addition, if you combine different classes, you can benefit from our saving packages.

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