In METAL ACADEMY – SCHOOL OF MUSIC® not only do we want to be a Metal and Hard-Rock music school, we also want to promote, spread and teach these musical genres in a place where both professional and amateur musicians feel comfortable to carry out their own musical goals and develop their human potential through music.

We are committed to supporting these people so that they can fulfill their dreams in the musical field, thus contributing to their personal growth and realization as human beings.


  • Because we offer a quality, honest and consistent tuition, with qualified and experienced teachers, ensuring a solid, enjoyable and professional learning process.
  • Because our students, external users and team are the most important thing to us, that’s why we place great emphasis on creating a familiar and warm atmosphere, as well as on offering a personal service, promoting empathy and values of respect and cooperation.
  • Because all of our students will have the chance to attend regular master-classes, music clinics, talks and workshops led by internationally-known musicians.
  • Because one of our main goals is to become the first school to offer an academic plan specialized in Extreme Music that facilitates access to a Professional Degree, and therefore, to an official qualification.
  • Because we are the first school dedicated exclusively to the teaching and spreading of Metal and Hard-Rock Music.


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